Hack Skirt

Why did I call it the hack skirt and not the hacker skirt? No this is a serious question, it's as ill-thought-out as the whole kali on a pi debate.

WHY are we putting kail on a raspberry pi in the first place?

Kali Linux formerly known as BackTrack Linux is a Linux OS (Operating System) designed for the needs of the cyber security community. Generally speaking, Kali is used primarily for penetration testing (pen-testing) and security audits of technology companies.

I have been seeing a lot of posts online linking to this unofficial distro. This is not an official supported Kali Linux distrobution! This "works" but what does it do? Is it secure? Do I trust it? Certainly not more than I trust Offensive Security! If you absolutely need a touchscreen (for some reason) just use raspberry pi OS and "sudo apt-get install" the tools you need for your pen-testing pi that for some reason needs a touch interface. Better yet, just use NetHunter! Its officially supported kali for your android smart phone!

But I digress.

While you may have a functioning touchscreen with the LCD-show option, that isn't Kali. That's like saying using the Kali Windows 10 skin is Windows 10, its not! It may be easier but it is incredibly insecure. Isn’t that like the antithesis of Kali's proposed use cases. Works on my machine is that loose lips sink ships of the security community. If I wanted to troll a bunch of n00bz that is how I would do it, an impossible ask with an "easy" solution, that actually infects your network. Not like that image even works beyond a functional touchscreen!

I suggest you read Kali's official documentation before you suggest this as a "viable" solutions the the question no real security professional is asking: How do I put a touchscreen on a raspberry pi running kali Linux?

Kali Linux is “supported” on a raspberry pi official images can be found here.

I have put it on a pi without a touchscreen

but I would not use this for actual penetration testing!

There are massive issues with user control: you won't be able to change the root password or access the GUI as any other user. This seems like a massive oversight for an OS that is supposed to be the industry standard for cyber security.

If you want to play around with Kali try it on a virtual machine!

Sticky fingers sounds cool, but you know what's cooler than something that sounds cool? Something that actually works for its proposed use case.

Why do you need a touchscreen? Why do you need kali? Why do you need a raspberry pi? Here's a link to my aesthetically pleasing yet limited functionality Kali pi touchscreen, I've called the #hackskirt

Its not about the look!!!

Its about what is an officially supported Linux Distro, such as found on https://kali.org or through https://www.offensive-security.com/. I've been using Kali since it was called BackTrack, so excuse me if I'm a little sensitive about people linking unsupported distros. It is imperative that any Kali machine being used for pen-testing or really any security tasking be from a legitimate source. Always SHA256sum your downloads as this is the only way to confirm there wasn't any alterations to the file, say from a MITM (Man In The Middle) attack. While I do see the "officially supposed" raspberry pi Kali linux as found here. You are not going to have the functionality or security that you will even have with running Kali from a VM. You won't be able change the root password nor will you have sufficient user control. Go ahead and try to login to the GUI with a different user that kali, I haven't even been able to get the root password to change, let alone the username. It has major user control issues, that's not secure, it's just offensive! If I'm not using the GUI there's no reason to even use Kali. Just use Alpine and install the tools you actually need. Like anyone doing this proj is using all of the over 600 tools that come pre-installed on Kali. Alpine won't fight you with a touchscreen either, it just kinda works, like with most other distros. (why you would need a touchscreen on an Alpine pi is still beyond me!)

If you have read all this and still want to make your own, by all means! Just promise you'll use an officially supported distro!

I will say: I highly suggest you are very careful when wardriving / warwalking / warbiking with a kali pi! This leaves you very venerable to attacks! The very basics of Linux System Administration is user control, you know, like changing the root password with the passwd command is one of the first thing you should do with a new machine! If someone sees your box online with kali, they might even already have a scrip to attempt to login with kali kali! That's all it takes to completely compromise you, your machine and your network. There's a webspider that does that for raspberry pi OS, I've observed it twice but have yet find its origin. While "wardriving" isn't in itself illegal depending on the data you are collecting you may be in violation of local laws. It would really suck to get arrested for a "hobby"! User control is important for everyone.